Mondo Biasi


The company’s goal is to produce efficient and low environmental impact climate control systems. To achieve this goal, innovative solutions to reduce energy consumption are constantly sought after and investments are made in integrated systems that utilize renewable energy.


Earth is our most precious asset and its resources must be respected and protected. The Biasi group decided to face this challenge with just  one word: BALANCE.

Balanced and optimised exploitation of traditional and alternative resources. Balanced offer of products, consulting, planning, assistance and training. Balanced local presence and active collaboration with partners. Our goal for the future is to balance the values of yesterday with today’s realities. Our objective is to balance past values with consistent renewal.

Ethical code and organizational model

BSG has developed a management and control organization model, defining a supervisory body, which maintains its supervision.

E-mail to contact the supervisory body:

Codice Etico Download the code of ethics


A marzo 2017 BSG Caldaie a gas festeggia 2 milioni di caldaie installate, di cui oltre la metà sui mercati internazionali. Questo risultato ci riempie di orgoglio e ci spinge a perseverare sulla strada del miglioramento continuo per rispondere alle esigenze di tutti i clienti che hanno scelto i nostri prodotti e servizi.