Mondo Biasi

The history

The company found its roots in the 1930s when the founder, Leopoldo Biasi, had a dream to create comfort that could improve the quality of life. In 1940 his dream became reality: The Verona-based company bearing Leopoldo’s name, a small thermo mechanical business, opened a facility to manufacture residential boilers.

The company’s success was confirmed at the end of the 50’s with the inauguration of its first production of radiators. In 1986, Biasi became a true industry leader by adding gas boilers to its product range. This step was merely an introduction to international expansion guaranteed today by a widespread technical and sales network in every continent. Today, we can affirm with pride that the success garnered has far exceeded the dream that Leopoldo Biasi once had.

Today, Biasi’s international business represents more than half its revenue. Its consolidated, professional facilities offer high-efficient systems combined with pre-sales consulting services and an after-sales assistance network. Biasi works both with branches and exclusive partners to develop markets in which its products and services are able to meet all nature of requests.

Through the work of professional employees worldwide, the company is able to offer the most advanced technological solutions and services that allow customers to choose correctly and install safety heating equipment. Continuous investments in technology, equipment and human resources helped to create efficient boilers of the highest reliability.

The quality of Biasi boilers is appreciated not only by end users but also by industry experts: during the assembly of boilers, BIASI uses both its own and prominent producer’s component. At the same time, all the assembling solutions belong to the original design of Biasi engineers, and some components and circuits are then patented by the company’s knowledge experts.

Yet another strength lies in the company’s flexibility -- we can make up to 20 production changes per day; we make aesthetic and technical customizations according to customers’ requests and  we guarantee delivery across Italy within 3 days from order. All this to satisfy customer needs promptly and deliver only the best in terms of product range and service.

All boilers are rigorously tested throughout the production process to ensure that the quality of the product remains of the highest standard and is approved by obtaining the following certifications csq eco / csq / iqnet;
The reliability of our production process is confirmed by our periodical test protocol:
Audit Index - 1% of the products is unpacked and re-tested
Qi quality index - 100% of the products is tested before being packed

Today Biasi  offers a diverse range of heating products for both industrial and domestic use. Our Boilers are reliable, compact and easy to use.
Wall hung boilers range, produced by Biasi, is very wide – the range of possible capacities covers virtually the entire consumer spectrum. Those are wall hung and floor boilers for all types of fuel, single-circuit and double-circuit, with the natural and the forced diversion of combustion products are presented in a wide range of capacities and various modifications.

A marzo 2017 BSG Caldaie a gas festeggia 2 milioni di caldaie installate, di cui oltre la metà sui mercati internazionali. Questo risultato ci riempie di orgoglio e ci spinge a perseverare sulla strada del miglioramento continuo per rispondere alle esigenze di tutti i clienti che hanno scelto i nostri prodotti e servizi.