Condensing boiler Inovia Cond Plus
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    25 kW - 30 kW

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    14,4 ÷ 16,7 L / min (DOMESTIC HOT WATER PRODUCTION)

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It is available in the combined versions for heating and DHW production and only for heating (SV models) Inovia Cond Plus has a complete heat output range, 25 and 30 kW models, both with e very compact dimensions.

High performance due to its innovative heat exchanger (guaranteed for 10 years) designed to provide high efficiencies that last over time.

Easy to use thanks to the digital control panel with a large display, designed to communicate with the user both easy and convenient.

700 x 400 x 290 mm

Main features

  • High efficiency (★★★★ conforming to Efficiency Directive 92/42 EEC and Legislative Decree 311/06)
  • DHW Comfort (★★★ EN 13203)
  • Primary condensing exchanger in stainless steel with aluminium coating to offer maximum resistance to corrosion
  • Plated DHW heat exchanger in stainless steel
  • 7 -litre expansion vessel
  • High efficiency PWM pump with low energy consumption and variable speed
  • Maximum output adjustable based on the installation
  • Protection rating IPX5D
  • Integration with BIASI solar system by means of solar kit
  • Innovative digital control panel
  • Digital pressure reading
  • Set up for remote control and external probe
  • Possibility of using remote control to manage a zone valve in the case of multi-zone system

Control panel

  • Winter/Summer/Off selector
  • Heating temperature regulator
  • DHW temperature regulator
  • Digital pressure reading
  • Screen display of DHW and heating temperature
  • Display of fault diagnostics, lockout conditions and fault log
  • Recommended filling display and filling guide
  • View of the missing months after the annual maintenance deadline
  • Display of outside temperature (with external probe connected) and indication of external probe connected and K value set
  • Display of flame modulation
  • View of BIASI SOLCONTROL, solar control unit connected to Inovia Cond Plus, active solar pump and solar integration
  • Health comfort function selectable using a programmable button
  • Set up for remote control and external probe
  • Possibility of using remote control to manage a zone valve in the case of multi-zone system
  • Direct access to the user dedicated INFO menu

High circulation, mono spiral primary heat exchanger

Biasi produces the new Steelcoil heat exchanger, consisting of a spiral in stainless steel, enclosed in an aluminium casing. Thanks to the large heat exchanging surface area of the spiral, greater thermal yield is ensured with less head loss and it is easier to clean.

The robustness and ease with which these heat exchangers can be cleaned are just two of the strengths of the product given that it can be used on new installations as well as on an old installation in the case of a substitution.

Steelcoil integrates the round flow function in which the water produces a centrifugal effect for cleaning the internal walls of the mono spiral. The fact that there are no parallel circuits ensures easy “washing” operations of the heat exchanger and the elimination of any air present in the system circuit.


Using the external probe and the remote control (optional) directly in the boiler you can use the climatic control. Inovia Cond Plus will adjust the water temperature in the system to external climatic conditions, ensuring the desired ambient temperature is reached without any wastage and optimising consumption. The use of climate regulation also produces a rise in the regulation efficiency, increasing the value of your home.

Zone management

Inovia Cond Plus has a series of zone management circuits boards which allow a zone valve to be controlled using the BIASI remote control. If the installation has multiple high temperature zones, one zone can be managed by the remote control and the other zones can be managed by the chrono-thermostats. This allows two thermoregulation curves to be selected, one in the boiler and the other in the remote control.

All the zones controlled by the chrono-thermostats will be managed by the thermoregulation curve set in the boiler, while the zone controlled by the remote control will be managed by the thermoregulation curve set in the remote control itself. In the case of installations with multiple high and low temperature zones, it is recommended that the BIASI Multizone system manager is used.

Functional scheme

Schema di funzionamento caldaia a condensazione Inovia Cond Plus
  • 3. Heating delivering pipe
  • 4. Domestic hot water outlet pipe
  • 5. Gas cock
  • 6. Domestic hot water inlet pipe
  • 7. Heating delivery pipe
  • 8. Condensate drain pipe
  • 9. Heating circuit discharge pipe
  • 11. Heating circuit filling pipe
  • 22. Exhaust NTC sensor and exhaust temperature fuse
  • 23. Exhaust NTC heating sensor (inlet)
  • 24. Exhaust NTC heating sensor (outlet)
  • 25. Primary condensing exchanger
  • 26. Safety thermostat
  • 27. Flame detection electrode
  • 28. Muffler pipe
  • 29. Safety 3 bar valve
  • 30. Automatic bleed valve
  • 31. Pump
  • 32. Gas valve
  • 33. Pressure gauge gas valve
  • 34. DHW NTC probe (inlet)
  • 35. DHW NTC probe (outlet)
  • 36. Control panel containing Terminal board for external temperature probe, remote control, boiler probe and lowvoltage ambient thermostat
  • 37. Heating driver
  • 38. Condensing siphon drain
  • 39. DHW exchanger
  • 40. Three-way valve
  • 41. Three-way valve plug
  • 42. Fan
  • 43. Air/Gas mixer
  • 44. Ignition electrode
  • 45. Burner
  • 46. DHW flowmeter
  • 47. Expansion vessel
  • 48. Domestic hot water filter
  • 49. DHW flow rate limiter
  • 50. Flue gas exhaust duct
  • 51. Air suction duct
  • 52. Fume extraction
  • 53. Air suction
  • 54. Integrated bypass

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