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 Easy Hybrid
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    COP 4,62

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    DHW 60°

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    WORKING RANGE -22°C / +45°C

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(data with reference to heat pump version 8 kW)

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Easy Hybrid is the compact Hybrid System, made in Biasi. It is able to produce hot or cold water and to satisfy, depending on the season, the needs of heating, cooling of the building and production of DHW.
The system is composed of a condensing generator of the Basic or Rinnova series in combination with a very high efficiency heat pump suitable for the most severe climatic conditions.


The advantages

• Quick and easy installation

• The F-gas patent is not required for installation

• Climate management included

• Compact 


  1. Instantaneous condensing boiler 25 KW
  2. Control to the heat generator
  3. Wall mounted heat pump outlet - return
  4. Return of existing system *(only config. A)
  5. 20 litre tank
  6. Control to existing system
  7. Frame for wall mounting
  8. Heat pump

Where to install it?

  • Suitable for new energy efficient buildings
  • Suitable for building renovations
  • Suitable for harsh environments such as mountains and high T production up to 70°C
  • Suitable where there is no possibility to transport GAS
  • Suitable for applications with radiant systems, fancoils, air conditioning and UTA

Winter operation

The winter operating modes are:

  1. Heat pump mode for heating: the unit produces hot water at the system side exchanger for heating; the production of DHW is guaranteed by the condensing heat generator.
  2. Hybrid mode, heat pump and boiler work synchronously managed by electronics specifically developed to guarantee maximum comfort. DHW management is always guaranteed by the boiler.
  3. Boiler mode, the heat generator intervenes to meet high temperature operating conditions or when external temperature conditions make the use of the heat pump uneconomic. DHW production is always guaranteed by the condensing boiler.

Summer operation

The summer operating modes are:

  1. Chiller mode: the unit only produces chilled water for the system.
  2. Boiler mode for the production of domestic hot water.

Automatic season regulation

The changeover from one mode to another takes place automatically referring to a logic of priority in the production of domestic water.



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