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High power condensing boiler with modular base Powercond (320 - 580 kW)
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Powercond are latest-generation high-efficiency condensing thermal units equipped with a pre-mixed modulating blown-air burner with low emissions and body in aluminium and high calorific power values.
There are 5 available models, with heat input ranging from 320 to 585 kW.
They can be installed individually or in cascade, each consisting of 2 to 4 generators of the same output or different output, controlled by a cascade manger.
The Powercond thermal units must be installed in a boiler room and they must be integrated with system components and devices supplied by the manufacturer. These include specific kits, to be ordered separately, which simplify the work of the installer when installing systems with a single generator, and those of the primary circuit of cascade systems.

Main features

  • Lightweight, compact design occupying minimal space
  • Silent operation
  • Modular structure
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Efficiency class in accordance with EcoDesign requirements (Reg. 813/2013/EC)
  • Class 6 NOx
  • High modulation range (18% to 100 % power)
  • Maximum DHW and heating output adjustable individually
  • Certified for gas category I2H (methane)
  • Boiler panel can be moved, meaning you can choose which side of the boiler will face the wall
  • Front casing can be opening without any tools
  • Space provided to house condensate neutraliser inside the boiler
  • Boiler and pallet can be divided into two parts to facilitate handling
  • Air suction unit has sliding mechanism for easy maintenance
  • Mixing unit has a check valve to prevent flue gas leakage in cascade systems
  • Option to pair in cascade with a simple bus connection (no external regulators required)
  • Electronics can interface with remote management systems
  • Innovative 5+1 climatic adjustment parameters
  • Modulating input management 0-10 V (temperature or power)
  • Connections to zone controls using OpenTherm
  • PWM management of the primary pump and cascade
  • Secondary pump and DHW/diverter pump management
  • DHW production via combination with remote water heater, managed by boiler electronics
  • Light or contact powered (230 V AC) for INAIL lock
  • Remote alarm dry contact for boiler faults



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